Accounting for Your Restaurant

Accounting, bookkeeping, bill pay, prime cost reporting, and analysis so you have the numbers you need to successfully manage and increase profitability in your restaurant.

Accounting is Time-consuming and Restaurateurs are Busy

Clear financials and back-office support help restaurants remain profitable by giving operators the information they need to make key decisions. Unfortunately, many operators don’t have the time to verify bills, reconcile bank deposits, reconcile sales, and generate helpful analytical data: 

This results in less profit due to:

  • – the inability of identifying fluctuating labor and food costs 
  • – mismanagement of funds
  • – spending less time to focus on growth
  • – insufficient reconciliations

Fortunately, there’s a better way…

RY CPAs Understands Restaurant Accounting and Processes


RY CPAs specializes in serving restaurants and restaurant operators. We step into your non-slip shoes, get to know your operation, and partner with you to provide the most meaningful financial insights. Finally, you can have the data you need to run a profitable eatery, without having to take the time to run the books yourself.

We believe restaurateurs are able to achieve this with access to:

  • Real-time visibility: see spending as it happens to keep a keen eye on profitability
  • Meaningful reporting: have insight into data that has meaning to you with clear actionable items
  • Time saved: spend time on things that you’re good at which have an impact on the bottom line and culture 

Financial reporting that accelerates strategic decision making

How it Works!

Our process in Three Simple Steps 

  1. Discovery: we review your current workflow and identify shortcomings
  2. Step in your shoes: our team of tech-enabled CPAs gains access to your systems then implements state-of-the-art procedures and technology that make your back-office function like a well-oiled machine. 
  3. Live Data: we start running the show for you on a weekly basis so you have timely reports that measure your performance and profitability. 


Let us partner with your restaurant

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