By Raffi Yousefian | Published 04/17/2020; Updated 04/17/2020 6:29:28 PM

Happy Friday or whichever day it is!

We are happy to share our thorough article in collaboration with MarginEdge to help restaurants navigate through the nuances and complexities of the PPP and its loan forgiveness component. Our goal is to take confusing, muddy language and distill it into something that is immediately actionable.

We outlined four common scenarios, or options, to demonstrate how timing and use of funds over the next couple of months will impact loan forgiveness and your overall cash and debt situation. Of course, all of these details are continuing to take shape, but this is our best assessment given the information available. Here is the article.

Although intended towards restaurants, this guidance can also be applied to multiple industries that have been negatively impacted by the virus, like retail stores, hair salons, dental clinics, gyms, etc. Please feel free to share it with anyone who can benefit. Most of this content was driven by questions from our clients, so we hope you find it helpful.

We are working with MarginEdge to create additional articles that cover impacts of unemployment insurance on the PPP, creative and effective ways to deploy your PPP funds, and the specifics around documentation and applying for forgiveness. Stay tuned!