To reduce inconsistencies, skill limitations, and disruption in service, we have adopted a cohesive team-based approach. We do not believe in the single point of failure approach. Our team is cross-trained in GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), tax compliance, payroll compliance, and advisory while having deep expertise in a few key areas. This allows us to approach problems and opportunities from multiple angles and gives us the unique ability to communicate and anticipate how efforts in one area affect the rest of the environment. As a result, customer relationships are generally supported and managed by the team members who are best suited for that customer and the specific task at hand.

At RY CPAs you are not limited to the knowledge, capacity, and availability of a single staff accountant. Your engagement will be managed by a team of diverse accountants and advisors that will seamlessly transfer knowledge and work together to solve problems and deliver results. We have developed an internal knowledge base, implemented cutting-edge technology, and standardized processes that streamline this process.