At RY CPAs, we believe organizations of any size should be empowered with the same financial information, advice, and KPIs as fortune 500 companies. Thanks to technology, organizations can now be equipped with an accounting department for the same price as a bookkeeper. We have developed a knowledge base and state-of-the-art proprietary accounting workflows that eliminate bottlenecks and have repeatedly shown successful results across clients and industries. We’ve experienced 100% organic growth each year due to exceptional customer satisfaction, and we’ve been included on Expertise’s best Accountants list.

RY CPAs was founded by Raffi Yousefian, a big four alumnus with a mission to revolutionize the accounting services experience. Raffi discovered his passion for accounting at a young age and later studied Accounting and Information Systems at the Robert H Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. He started his career in a fortune 500 tax department, then pursued intricate tax compliance and advisory at a big four accounting firm. After achieving superior ratings and helping build a tax reporting tool that would serve firmwide clients, he earned his CPA credentials and pursued his passion for helping small and enterprise-level businesses by joining a local CPA firm.

Throughout his journey, Raffi discovered that business owners and organization leaders were suffering due to the accounting industry’s inability to adapt and evolve. As an entrepreneur, he saw the opportunity in providing an alternative approach, which led to the birth of RY CPAs.


Raffi Yousefian
CPA, Managing Principal
Jana McGrath
CPA, Senior Advisor
Freddie Gratz
CPA, Senior Advisor
Anna Baumgardner
CPA, Senior Advisor
Su Guan
CPA, Senior Advisor
Xin Yan
CPA, CMA, Senior Advisor
Aneta Gasparyan
Accountant II
Gohar Sahakyan
Accountant II
Ani Asryan
Accountant II
Mandeep Singh
Accountant II
Khamnish Sachdeva
Accountant II
Diana Galtakhchyan
Accountant I
Mher Hakobyan
Accountant I
Emma Umityan
Accountant I
Sona Voskanyan
Accountant I


We do not require minimum commitments for our monthly plans. We also do not accept an engagement unless we can add value and exceed your expectations as an accountant and advisor. We let our caliber of work determine the duration of your commitment. If you are not completely satisfied with the services performed by RY CPAs, we will adjust your charges based on your perception of the value received. 

Team based

To reduce inconsistencies, skill limitations, and disruption in service, we have adopted a cohesive team-based approach. We do not believe in the single point of failure approach. Our team is cross-trained in GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), tax compliance, payroll compliance, and advisory while having deep expertise in a few key areas. This allows us to approach problems and opportunities from multiple angles and gives us the unique ability to communicate and anticipate how efforts in one area affect the rest of the environment. As a result, customer relationships are generally supported and managed by the team members who are best suited for that customer and the specific task at hand.

At RY CPAs you are not limited to the knowledge, capacity, and availability of a single staff accountant. Your engagement will be managed by a team of diverse accountants and advisors that will seamlessly transfer knowledge and work together to solve problems and deliver results. We have developed an internal knowledge base, implemented cutting-edge technology, and standardized processes that streamline this process.


Fixed Pricing &
Unlimited Access

You should know exactly what you’re paying every month and should not be inhibited from seeking timely advice by the fear of an endlessly running meter. Therefore, our service is built around fixed pricing, as opposed to hourly rates, and offers you access to the accumulated intellectual capital of the firm through CPAs with substantial training and experience who can help enhance your company’s future and achieve its business objectives.