Accounting for Non-Profits

Accounting, compliance and efficiency so you have the numbers you need to manage your non-profit.

Is Accounting in Your Non-Profit Causing Frustration?

Financial visibility is critical in a non-profit. Unfortunately, many non-profit organizations don’t have the help needed to provide efficient bookkeeping and meaningful reporting. 

The result is frustration: 

      • It’s hard to stay on budget because you don’t have visibility of your budget to actuals
      • It takes sometimes 2-3 months to see financial reports
      • Your staff is forced to waste time organizing bookkeeping instead of playing to their strengths

Fortunately, there’s a better way…

We Can Help

At OneSource, we specialize in serving non-profits. This means we truly step into your shoes, get to know the organization, and partner with you to provide your meaningful insights. We want you to have the data you need so you can run the organization with confidence, and stay focused on your mission.

We believe non-profits should be able to proactively manage their numbers with: 

Real-time visibility: Keep your budget on track

Confidence in reporting: Know where your organization stands

Greater efficiency: No wasted time on manual data entry

We’ve implemented cutting-edge accounting technology and processes that have allowed nonprofit organizations to proactively track restricted and unrestricted funds, manage payroll and HR, use funds effectively, report to donors, and provide valuable high-level information for their boards.


Financial reporting to stay on budget and focus on your mission

How it Works!

Our Process In Three Simple Steps

  1. Connected data: Our tech experts will eliminate data entry to simplify bookkeeping
  2. Hands-on professionals: Our team of non-profit accounting experts will handle the books for you 
  3. Forward-looking reports: We’ll provide the reporting needed for compliance, and to ensure the organization is healthy

With this process, you’ll stay compliant, have accountability in your budget, and be able to stay focused on your organization. 

Let us partner with your non-profit

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